Producto para las cicatrices y las estrías no.1 en ventas

Alemania (Nielsen Handelspanel / IMS Health: Nr. 1 Produkt bei Narben und Dehnungsstreifen)

Australia (Aztec Segment and item list as defined by Aspen Pharmacare, based on AU Grocery&Pharmacy Scan Combined Data within Hand&Body Skin Care Database. Based on 12 months of AU Grocery&Pharmacy Scan Combined Data, AU Grocery & AU Pharmacy Data to 23rd Oct 2016)

Botswana (Medswana (Pty) Ltd, 2016)

Bélgica (IMS data Q1 2017 (value))

Canadá (Nielsen MarketTrack, Specialty Creams & Lotions and Scar Treatments, National Grocery, Drug + Mass, 52 weeks ending Feb 6, 2016)

Finlandia (Pharmacy data and GFT retailer data, value sales, 1-7/2016)

Hungría (IMS, 2016 Q1 pahrmacy survey)

Irlanda (Nielsen ROI Scantrack, Body Lotions and Treatments, MAT value sales 6 September 2015)

Italia (IMS CH Dataview Multichannel, mercato Farmacia e mercato Farmacia+Parafarmacia+Corner Gdo, Classi ricostruite antismagliature (82F2A) + cicatrici (46A3), Sell-out Vendite Volume, Anno mobile terminante a Luglio 2016)

Kenia (Consumer Insight, 2015)

Liechtenstein (IMS Health GmbH - Pharma Trend, YTD December 2016, Units & Sales Value)

Malasia (The Nielsen Company, Scar & Stretch Mark, PM Drugstore/Pharmacy, January - December 2014)

Namibia (Geka Pharma (Pty) Ltd 2016 and Nampharm 2016)

Nueva Zelanda (IRI, National Combined MAT to 4th October 2015, Bio-Oil 60ml)

Países Bajos (IRI, YTD 52 2016)

Polonia (IMS Pharmascope, 2016, Firming & A-Stretching Products, Value)

Portugal (35% In Stretch Marks Market - Pharmacy only hmR Portugal May 2017)

Reino Unido (IRI HBA/OTC, 52 w/e 21 Jan, 17)

Singapur (The Nielsen Company; Scar & Stretch Mark, June 2014 - May 2015)

Suazilandia (Swazi Pharm Wholesalers (Pty) Ltd, 2016)

Sudáfrica (The Nielsen Company, Total SA August 2016)

Suecia (Nielsen Scannindata, HPC, Other Skincare, Scars/Strech marks, MAT W52 2016 )

Suiza (IMS Health GmbH - Pharma Trend, YTD December 2016, Units & Sales Value)

Zimbabue (Marketers Association of Zimbabwe, May 2016)